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Couture Dress - Aboriginal Goddess

Couture Dress - Aboriginal Goddess

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The “ Couture Dress – Aboriginal Goddess ” embodies the beauty and grace of Aboriginal culture in a fashionable garment. This dress allows you to connect to rich culture while expressing your unique style. It is ideal for special occasions where you want to shine and honor traditions at the same time.

“Embrace the art of nature: Nativ Tikuna – where culture meets canvas!

Composition :

  • Elegant Cultural Patterns: The patterns on this dress are inspired by indigenous cultures, adding a touch of elegance.
  • Sophisticated Design: The dress is designed with attention to detail for a sophisticated look.
  • Different Sizes Available: Choose from a range of sizes for the perfect fit.
  • Invisible Zipper: A discreet zipper for added convenience.
  • Perfect for Special Occasions: This dress is perfect for weddings, evening parties and other formal events.

Interview :

To maintain the quality of your couture dress, carefully follow the care instructions provided with the product. In general, it is recommended to wash by hand or machine at low temperature to preserve the freshness of the colors and the shape of the dress.

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